Real estate consulting

Real estate consulting

Every square meter counts!

The goal of achieving optimum cost- and space-effectiveness always requires qualified usage analyses beforehand. Whether of the building structure which favors the workflow, the location which has to meet the requirements and of course the space requirements which, under consideration of all criteria, ensure the optimum structure and dimension of the new building. New building or existing property? An object-specific efficiency analysis with assessment of the significant characteristics forms the basis for sound business decisions. As the meaningful benchmarking for alternative new building or rental property decisions as well as the planning basis for upgrading existing buildings - including the development of specifications for all follow-up activities.

Concept development

The basis of every change.

Only those who take on new challenges survive. This is what evolution teaches us - whose dynamics always reminds us to think afresh... And the same also applies for the office – basis for creativity and productivity of economic development. We support you on the way to your new office. An office with higher efficiency, motivated employees, lower costs. We develop new office and work concepts for you, offer support for analyses on space usage in existing buildings, deliver organizational preliminary construction planning as the basis for the architecture of new properties, draw up an adequate facility management and accompany change processes with qualified change management.

Interior architecture

More than good looking.

It is the interior architecture which gives the buildings form, function and life. We conceive, design and plan interior spaces as work and living areas in which people feel comfortable. Spaces which interact with functions and humans and for a long time are flexible and adjustable. We accompany your project during all phases from the design planning to the realization. With color and material design to lighting and acoustics planning up to the construction documentation for interior construction and furnishing including analytical product selection. 

Planning and implementation

Cost-efficient, on time.

For office planning organizational, communicative, information technological and constructional aspects play a role, just as occupational psychological, psychosocial and motivational aspects do. A complex task which we combine into a structured process within project planning, project support and cost management. The process begins with the detailed time and cost planning of all phases, followed by the determination of the basis for planning such as the business, organizational and communicative requirements, the workplace and area requirements or the goals for personnel structure and development. Only then does the design planning with all required specifications follow. Within the controlling framework we accompany all trades and stages. We ensure swift processes and the observance of the agreed cost targets.

Relocation management

Project completion and restart.

Relocating an office is always equivalent to transferring a complex organism. We support you in seamlessly transferring the company performance. A process integrated in all steps ensures the smooth process flow, maintains the highest possible acceptance and minimizes work interruptions as well as relocation costs and relocation follow-up costs. We accompany you from the very beginning. From the preparation of the new premises, the database-supported recording and identification of the entire removal goods to the detailed process planning and bid solicitation to the relocation itself. By monitoring and controlling all relocation activities and implementing the new work worlds we guarantee that all your employees feel at home quickly.

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