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NEW WORK Austria
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2019 - 2021

This project as a film

The project began at the beginning of 2019 with a brief telephone briefing: We need a new office in Vienna for around 300 employees, preferably in the 1st district. The new office was to provide a new shared home for the three subsidiaries of NEW WORK SE, XING E-Recruiting, kununu and Prescreen, as their strong growth meant that the previous space had become too small.

After an intensive search on the Viennese real estate market, we found an ideal space in the former Bankhaus Rothschild, most recently the headquarters of Erste Bank Austria.

This building, which on the outside looks like a grand hotel and has let history pass by like a rock for over 100 years, was now to become home to new forms of work and to a digital, young and modern company.

We developed the concept of the "dynamic office platform" for the implementation of the requirements and the development of the office concept. The aim was to make the dynamics of the company visible in this venerable building and to give the office movement. Even before the corona pandemic, we interpreted the office of the future as a platform that offers employees a wide range of possibilities, provides tools and helps define the corporate culture. So the office offers exactly what the home office can hardly do.

In close cooperation with the client and with the involvement of the employees, we have created an office space in which both concentrated work can be done and numerous different opportunities for cooperation, collaboration and communication are offered. The space is made unique by several galleries with different usage themes, the flexible multifunctional space as well as the huge screened roof terraces. The space lives from ever new impressions, changing lines of sight and different offers within the shortest distances.

Services performed in the project

Location search in Vienna, market analysis, preparation of requirement profiles

Drawing up of a tenant building specification and representation in the contract negotiations

Planning of the entire tenant fit-out, interior design, lighting and acoustics planning in the office areas

Development of the design concept

Budget creation and scheduling and schedule monitoring

Analytical furniture selection and development

Development of a guide and orientation system

Design and planning of individual joinery

Support in the procurement process of all services

Incorporation management

Acceptance and monitoring of the elimination of defects

Relocation management

Photos Michael Baumgartner
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