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Our entry into the cooperation with XING SE, the largest social business network in the German-speaking world, was the short-term negotiation of a lease agreement including tenant building specifications for the subsidiary XING E-Recruiting. Subsequently, the approximately 2,500 m² of gutted rental space for about 160 workstations in the Kaisergalerie in Hamburg was restored according to our plans for interior design, lighting, acoustics and furnishings in just 6 months. In addition, the task included the development of a new XING workstation, the inclusion of the corporate brand in the space design, and the accompanying relocation management with prior occupancy planning.

With this project, we developed new standards for XING's office environment and raised awareness of the need to address modern working environments. To date, we have implemented these standards at many XING SE locations throughout Europe and are constantly developing them further.

Services performed in the project

Preparation of tenant construction specifications and representation in contract negotiations

Needs assessment

Planning of the entire tenant fit-out, interior design, lighting and acoustics planning in the office areas

Development of a design concept

Monitoring of the construction measures

Creation of all furniture layouts

Budget creation and scheduling and schedule monitoring

Analytical furniture selection, furniture development, control of contracting and procurement

Acceptance and monitoring of the elimination of defects

Occupancy planning

Incorporation management

Accompanying relocation management

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